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For Immediate Release

November 4, 2015 

“Last night’s election is historic with many firsts.  For the first time in Yakima’s history two Latinas, and very likely three (District 3 is too close to call), will sit on a female majority city council.  Finally, not only the Latin@ community but the disenfranchised portions of our community will have their voices heard in the rule-making process of our ‘2015 All-America City.’  This long fought battle is a long time coming.  This historic and significant change is part of something larger and speaks to the importance that the Voting Rights Act still, in the year 2015, plays across this country. 

Congratulations to Dulce Gutiérrez with 81.82% in District 1, Avina Gutiérrez with 61.08% in District 2, Carmen Méndez with 51.38% in District 3, and Holly Cousens with 58.16% in District 7.  Congratulations to the incumbents on retaining their seats.  Thank you to the voters, especially the first time voters, of Yakima who made their voices heard by returning their ballots this election. 

We are proud to support and continue to support voter registration efforts, ‘get out the vote’ efforts, progressive campaigns and other progressive community efforts. Democrats in Yakima and throughout Washington will continue to fight for the right to vote and representation for all” declared Susan Palmer, Yakima County Democratic Chair.

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We are pleased to share that Judge Rice has ordered the City conduct future elections using seven geographic districts and that all seven City Council positions face election this year under the new system.  Please see the story at the following link: